Yahoo News TW/HK desktop

Yahoo Taiwan / Hong Kong News site

Revamp Yahoo TW/HK news site by using React and Fluxible (a isomorphic flux framework).

Yahoo TW/HK news site has multiple pluggable modules that can be composited dynamically by our editors.

We share same structure and framework with Yahoo US, so it's a great experience that coworks closly with US team.

Yahoo Typhoon path-map

Yahoo Typhoon path-map

A dynamic typhoon path-map by using D3.js and React which achieved one million page view on that topic project (PC/Mobile).

Yahoo Poll applet
Yahoo Poll applet Rightrail

Yahoo TW/HK Poll applet

Highly reusable poll applet site can be used across various properties, including Yhaoo News, Yahoo Sports and Yahoo TV.

User can vote in a pop-up modal that is responsive for PC & Tablet.

PK Desktop
PK Mobile
PK Rightrail

Yahoo TW/HK PK applet (PC/Mobile)

A whole new application that can let people chose their stand point and discuss with others who has different opinions.

Not only PC and mobile version, we also have a "Right rail" version that will rotate those comments and display on our news site to be an entry.

Yahoo Youcard
Yahoo Youcard PC
Yahoo Youcard Mobile

Yahoo TW/HK YouCard

Youcard PC/Mobile site.

Youcard is a platform that people can share and create "Card Stacks", people can curate or edit contents to create some easy packs or "something for dummies", so called "Card Stack" in Youcard.

In our mobile version, we adopt "parallax scrolling" to create a great user experience while reading Card Stack.

Yahoo Youcard Editorial Tool
Yahoo Youcard Editorial Tool
Yahoo Youcard Editorial Tool

Yahoo TW/HK Youcard Editorial Tool

Editorial tool for Youcard.

User can create their card stacks in this tool with "Real-time" preview function, you can see what you editing right on the preview panel.

We provide various card type, you can also create three kind of chart card (bar chart, pie chart and line chart with D3 support) by couple clicks.


Atomic CSS tools

VSCode extension for searching atomic CSS class name. code

Chrome devtool extension for Atomic CSS. Turn your element style into Atomic CSS class automatically. code

I built these tools for improving my performance in daily works.



React component for upload video to your vimeo account.

This component extracted by another side-projects built with my friend, I extracted this component out because I found there are few sample code on internet about vimeo api with react/redux, so this project could be a reference for those who want to use vimeo api with react/redux.



Nothing but a to-do list like application which developed by react & redux. I use this to record my daily tasks.


Emotion live player (YahooTWxJP)

Emotion detected on live streaming meeting room.

This demo project built for 2016 Yahoo TWxJP joint hack day, it likes a video conference site that host can see the emotions from other attendees, so host can know how his/her did from those feedback. We caculate the emotion score anonymously and show it in timeline with animated bubble format.