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Hi everyone,

I am passionate about creating the fascinating visual experience and solving real-world problems by using technical skills and tools.

As a professional developer in web front-end area, I have 4+ years of experiences and love to build up robust, appealing, secure and accessible websites.

Driven by the curiosity and passion for new technologies, I constantly investigate cutting-edge technologies and document it on my blog, also act as an evangelist to others by operating a tech weekly newsletter which has more than 5,000 subscribers.

As an amateur developer of data engineering and data visualization, I construct several data visualization works on my blog and shared by newsletter.

In case you want to find me...


Frontend engineer & Tech Lead, Mercari
  • Lead frontend team (3 ppl) collaborate with mobile team to design and implement a renewal native-bridge library to be used across the company, it provides a better error tracking system and is more secure compare to the previous version, significantly decrease the error rate to less than 0.6% [Typescript]
  • Work with one teammate to create several internal developer tools to increase the team's productivity, such as cli tool and testing tool for webview [Typescript, Bash, Nodejs, appium, webdriver]
  • Lead a team (4 ppl) to implement an internal tool for sending push notification to users [React, GCP, K8S]
  • Lead a team (4 ppl) to refactor the existing CMS to support Server-side pre-rendered campaign page, also let our designer can create a campaign page easily by compositing various components. [React, Nodejs, Redis, GCP]
  • Help re-build a customer service tool with cutting-edge technology [React, Apollo, GraphQL]
  • Design and Implement a server-less CMS for creating campaign page [React, GCP]
  • Implement several campaign pages in app webview [React]
Frontend engineer, Yahoo
  • Create an interactive topic discussion platform called PK擂台 for TW/HK Yahoo News site that users can choose and discuss their opinions in real time (PC/Mobile) [React/Flux].
  • Implement a modularized poll application that been used in various properties across Yahoo (PC) [React/Flux]
  • Proactively create a dynamic typhoon path-map by using D3.js and React which achieved one million page view on that topic project (PC/Mobile) [React/Flux]
  • Design and implement a novel card-typed reading experience with parallax scrolling effect on the mobile web. [React/Flux]
  • Design and construct an editorial tool with real-time preview function for our news editors/PGC users to create Youcard content. It also supports Excel-like experience to create charts by using React and D3.js. [React/Flux]
  • Improved web performance include reducing loading time and bundle size, making it 5x faster. [Webpack/Grunt/Javascript]
  • Implement and launch first AMP site in Yahoo TW Media team, significantly increase the user experience for our mobile users. [AMP]
  • Implement a chrome devtool extension for our internal front-end framework and received positive responses from the core-team member in the US. [Javascript]
  • MVP award in 2016 Q2
Yahoo News
Typhoon map
Y 民調
Yahoo 懶人卡
Intern, TrendMicro
  • Emerging Threat Sourcing Evaluation.
  • System Design by using Graph DB (Neo4j).
  • Performance Evaluation.
Intern, Patisco.com, Xinosys co., ltd--a B2B web-based commercial platform
  • Used Apache Solr to help patisco.com build up a full-text search engine.
  • Used WebSocket + Redis + akka to help patisco.com build up a internal Pub/Sub system.

Behavioral-Interview-Pramp light mode
Behavioral-Interview-Pramp dark mode
[2021/12 - 2022/02]
Drawings labelling tool [Prototype experiment]
  • A prototype built for a Manufacturing Service startup - Caddi
  • Can draw labels on PDF drawings that are used by manufacturer
  • Serverless github webhook for checking the format of your PR title in favor of standard-version.
  • Link: PRLint-serverless
  • web component powered by stenciljs. A button for claps.
  • Link: claps-button
  • A small prototype of custom react renderer, let you render React component to pptx files.
  • Link: reapptx
  • This experimental project demonstrates a Chrome extension composed of three Elm applications that communicate through Chrome's message passing.
  • Link: Elm-ChromeExt
  • React component for upload video to your vimeo account.
  • Implemented with react/redux/vimeo api.
  • Link: react-vimeouploadr
  • Chrome devtool extension for Atomic CSS. Turn your element style into Atomic CSS class automatically. I built this for improving my performance in daily works.
  • Implemented with atomizer and chrome devtool extension api.
  • Link: acss_devtool
  • VSCode extension for searching atomic CSS class name. I built this for improving my performance in daily works. Tools I used: atomizer, vscode, nodejs
  • Implemented with atomizer and VSCode extension api.
  • Link: atomic-css-search
Emotion live player (Yahoo TWxJP Joint Hack)
  • Emotion detected on live streaming meeting room.
  • This demo project built for 2016 Yahoo TWxJP joint hack day, it likes a video conference site that host can see the emotions from other attendees, so host can know how his/her did from those feedback. We caculate the emotion score anonymously and show it in timeline with animated bubble format.
  • Tool sets: #create-react-app, #Microsoft Cloud API, #Firebase

2020 Mercari Autumn Hack Day
  • Implement an automatic banner generator that can build multiple version of campaign banners
  • Implement a 3D Mercari Logo by using three.js
2020 Mercari Spring Hack Day
  • Implement a static page builder that can support component library
2018 Oath Global Hack Day
  • Design and implement a messenger bot that integrate with one of our existing products and got the approve from manager that can become an offical product.
  • Implement a chrome devtool extension for our internal front-end framework and received positive responses from the core-team member in the US.
2016 Yahoo TW/JP Joint Hack Day in Taiwan
  • Use Microsoft Cloud API & React & Firebase to implement a emotion detect meeting service, which let you have the ability to know all audiences emotion during the meeting.
[2016/08 - 2016/09]
Pepper developer contest, Champion
  • Integrate brain wave detection(EEG) with Pepper, develop an application on Pepper that let Pepper can interact with customers and give customers personalized service by detected their preference of different products.
2016 Yahoo TW Bot Challenge
  • Use Messenger API to implement a chatbot that can create bot for stores, customer can draw a number plate from bot we create, stores can dispatch advertisement or coupon to customer. No more waiting line, no more wasted waiting time!
2012 Yahoo Open Hack Day in Taiwan
  • Combined Flickr api and google api to create a “Photo recommended website”, based on LBS and spatialtemporal data filtering.
2012 Evernote Hackathon
  • Used Evernote api, PayPal api and Kickstrapter framework to create an “Online Notes Trading Platform” in 30 hours.
6th Center for Talented Youth, Venture Capital Competition, Champion
  • Project name:“Sweet Shopping”—bound augmented reality and store information.
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